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"If you have been looking for modeling jobs or online jobs lately, you may have noticed ads for webcam modeling. You may have noticed them on Myspace, Craigslist, Backpage and other online job boards. Some probably stood out to you as more legitimate than others. In the end though, it's hard to tell the difference between real webcam modeling and adult cam job scams. When I first became curious about the industry, I answered a few ads and recieved responses from a few different companies. One thing about webcam modeling and the adult industry in general is that there is plenty of competition. So much competition in fact, that there are fake studios out there to steal your work, time and money. Another thing is that webcam modeling are just like they are described, adult! The companies that you are applying for are not there to babysit you or calm your fears. Many will throw you into your first night as if you had worked in webcam modeling before. I know I had never done anything like that, so of course I was hesitant to start. I do not respond well to pressure or being "talked at". They were the only company that genuinely talked to me as a real person and not just another body with a web cam. They talked to me before I went live my first night, told me what to expect and how to navigate the software. They offered to be in my chatroom to make sure I was ok. At first I was too shy and asked that they didn't. Luckily for me, I ended up loving it! I am no longer shy (never needed to be) and enjoy them in my chatroom. I have not once regretted choosing this company to work for. The webcam modeling they offer vary in styles, so there will almost always be work for you. Even when I lost my first adult cam job, my studio found me another one. If you are a first timer, or if you have been burned looking for webcam modeling, I can safely suggest for you to apply with Tx Webcam Modeling. They are honest, fair and very professional. They will never make you do anything you don't want to do but will give you excellent industry advice when you need or want it. Let your first webcam modeling job be a success and join us!"
Cam model: JessicaLynn

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